Date: 27th August 2016
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????? Pressure VesselsProduct introduceLima holds the design and manufacture license for ?,Website:http://www.wuxilima.net,?,? and high pressure vessels, ASME U certificate and manufacture license of measurement instrument since 1984. With 50 years' experience in designing and manufacturing of pressure vessel, according to customers' requirements and material propeties,our company can ?design and manufacture various kinds of pressure vessels for them.The company has provided the domestic and international clients with various kinds of equipments such as large oxidation towers,fermentation tanks,pressure vessels,and low temperature steel pressure vessels. In recent years,the stainless steel pressure vessels,which are characterized products of our company, have been widely used in the relevant industries. The 400m3 stainless steel citric acid main fermenter tank,which the company manufactures for user, is the largest fermenter in Asia at present.Pressure Vessel Production Workshop?With 250T lifiting capacity?Stainless steel vessel production workshop?The 400m3 stainless steel citric acid main?fermenter tankHigh pressure vessel