Date: 18th September 2016
Auto Packaging Machine High-speed
Automatic Bagging Machine?high-speed?Product functionAutomatic bagging machine?high-speed? suitable for take bag, slip the bag on the bag clamping top, material filling and sealing operation at high speed, the max speed of Bagging can work at the rate of 1600 bags/h.Product featuresThe automatic bag placement robot driven by servo motor and the built-in lift-type clamping mechanism provide the quick bag placement and accurate bag positioning and improve the automatic packing speed.?The reliable and swift bag placement ensures that our spillage rate is much lower than that of other competitors.The machine is designed into an integral high-rigidity reinforcement frame so that the construction is strong, robust and durable.?SpecificationAuto begging capacity: 1600 bags/hMaterials to be handled?PP, PVC, Pure alkali, Fertilizer etc.This equipment and automatic weight machine, automatic palletizing machine, form the automatic packaging palletizing production line.Auto weighting, bagging and palletizing lineAutomatic Bagging Machine?high-speed?Automatic packaging machine(fertilizer)Automatic packaging machine(PP)Automatic packaging machine assembly workshopAutomatic packaging machine(pure alkali)Auto moveable packaging machine